Mercurius Media Capital Team

Collaborating with a venture firm is a significant undertaking that depends not only on financial considerations, but also on trust, shared vision, and the individuals who possess the capabilities to aid you in accomplishing your objectives.

The team at Mercurius is founded by experts who have 30+ years of media knowledge and investment expertise.

Piyush Puri
Piyush Puri
Founding Partner
Satyan G
Satyan Gajwani
Founding Partner
Neha Kothari Ranavat
Sr Director Brand Strategy
Kiran Shah
Associate Director, Portfolio Growth
Devesh Ramchandani
Associate Director, Investments
Hanika Thakkar
Sr Manager Finance and Accounting
Nameeta Escobar
Manager, Brand Strategy
Kavitha Ramaswamy
Manager, Investments
Naveen A
Naveen Agarwal
Board Member
Jonathan Miller
Board Member
Michael Moe
Board Member
Eric Fischer
Diana Florescu 
Dylan Berry
Chris Hill
Christopher Hill