We partner with US Media Companies to accelerate the growth of Startups using the power of Media Capital

A venture capital model for Media Companies and high-growth Startups

We consolidate advertising inventory from leading Media Companies in the US and invest in promising Startups that require marketing assistance, in exchange for equity

Our Mission

The power of marketing is built into the DNA of our investments.
We compound the media value of publishers’ existing assets via the high-growth Startup ecosystem

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At Mercurius Media Capital we bring together

US Media Companies

Startups operating in US

Brand Building + Advertising

Media Capital Investment Expertise

Expand your business with Mercurius Media Capital

Benefits for Media Companies

  • Diversify revenue streams​
  • Access to vetted high-growth Startups​
  • Optimize premium ad inventory​
  • Minimize risk by investing in a “fine-tuned venture” model​

Benefits for Startups

  • Extend your capital runway
  • Execute media planning, buying, and creative strategies
  • Boost media exposure beyond standard cash-buying campaigns
  • End-to-end management of media campaigns

Achieve your goals with Mercurius Media Capital

What we look for in our partners

Media Companies

Significant audience base in the US market

Seeking innovative ways to expand their business

Open to collaborating with US Startups


Series A+ or bootstrapped

Fully operational core product with demonstrated traction

Business operations in the US with strategic marketing needs

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Our Founders

Satyan Gajwani 
Founding Partner

Piyush Puri
Founding Partner


years of combined experience


companies in North America, Europe & Asia

Why the name Mercurius?

The term ‘Mercurius’ derives from the Latin name for planet Mercury; inspiring the foundation of our brand’s ethos. 

Planet Mercury is closest to the Sun that is a symbol of immense light and wisdom. In Roman mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods. In our case it is used to refer to a brand that is intelligent, agile, and efficient. Overall, we believe our brand’s ethos holds great potential for companies seeking to set themselves apart and establish a distinct business entity.

At Mercurius Media Capital, we endeavor to embody these values in everything we do.