Dylan Berry

Dylan Berry (edited)

Dylan Berry is an Advisor at Mercurius Media Capital.

He is a globally recognized entertainment industry entrepreneur and super connector. As a “Cultural Force Multiplier,” he excels at connecting music, media, art, and culture to propel businesses forward. 

Dylan’s notable achievements include his pivotal role in the success of ventures like Badanamu and Kidsloop, which achieved #1 positions in Asia and the UK, with a valuation of 2 billion dollars and a pending IPO in just 5 years. As an entrepreneur and strategic consultant, Dylan has been a driving force in the media and entertainment tech sector and provided services to most of the TV and Film studios in Hollywood as well as contributions to prestigious organizations such as the Oscars, Emmy Awards, American Idol, MTV Music Awards, Spectrum Sports, Starz, Encore, and many more.

Dylan’s creative talents as a multiple award-winning creative director, composer, and TV producer have earned him recognition in the entertainment industry. He is a prominent public figure known for his outspoken support of creators. His voice can be heard on Dash Radio, Soundcloud Radio, in public forums, and as the narrator on TV shows like Netflix’s SpyCraft and Terrorism Close Calls.

With over 28 Platinum records and scores for hundreds of TV shows, Dylan is recognized as one of the “top 1% most prolific media music producers” in Hollywood by IMDB. As a former host and program director of Soundcloud Radio, a celebrity-driven talk show catering to dream chasers, he has solidified his influence in the entertainment industry. This success has led him to establish a consulting business, serving companies of various sizes from around the globe.

In addition to his contributions to the entertainment sector, Dylan has led many initiatives from the Nordics to Africa, educating and empowering businesses to expand into the U.S. market.

As a result of this diverse experience Dylan brings connectivity to the MMC team and with his exceptional entrepreneurial acumen, creative prowess, and extensive out of the box industry experience, he brings invaluable insights and expertise to the Mercurius Capital Advisory Board.