A Differentiated Approach to Investing

Value-Added Investment Approach


Our Value-Added Investment Approach helps companies accelerate growth by optimizing marketing spends and demonstrating a higher capital runway.

Our primary objective at Mercurius is to be the partner of choice for high-potential startups as they grow. 

Our portfolio group, in conjunction with our strategy and investment professionals form a collaborative team that enables us to drive accelerated growth and create lasting impact for our portfolio companies.

Our Investment Model


A US-based strategic investment platform to harness the reach of media companies and fuel growth of the startup ecosystem in US.

As a media platform, we partner with media companies (our ‘Limited Partners’) to curate a pool of effective media assets. We then invest these assets (instead of ‘cash’) in high-growth startups (our Portfolio Companies) in exchange for equity.

Frequently asked questions

We term the media inventory exchanged for equity between media companies and the startups as ‘Media Capital’.

In traditional venture capital fundraising rounds, startups raise cash in exchange for equity. This cash may be used towards various operational requirements of the business such as payroll, technology or marketing.

In Media Capital fundraising, the startups with a need for growth capital raise ‘media assets’ in exchange for equity. This enables them to demonstrate higher capital runway on cash and efficient utilization of media for growth.

Raising media capital from a pool of media assets allows a startup to leverage wide distribution networks and execute targeted campaigns across demographics.

We are always interested in speaking to media companies that want to be a part of our asset pool. If you are interested in learning more about Mercurius Media Capital, please click on the contact us tab.

Write to us through our contact page, or send an email to info@mmc.us